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Knights of Sol II (SERIES)

When The Weapon was first formed and the damage it reaped recognized, the Knights of Sol II were created. A Knight’s job is simple: house the weapon’s activation switch within their body. In order to launch the weapon, the King Admiral must personally kill the Knight, thereby recognizing the breadth of the death they are about to inflict.

Ideally, anyway.

Cover art for Squire of Sol 2

Squire of Sol II

Coming September, 2024

In a matter of months, 20-year-old Drew will become a nuclear time bomb. He’ll then live out the rest of his days as the most famous living sacrifice in this sector, responsible for representing all the moral repercussions of any future act of war against the Emni, an “alien” race on a neighboring planet’s moon.

It’s a pretty privileged life, if you don’t count the fact that he’s being raised like a sheep for slaughter. He doesn’t even really have to think about it — that is, until an Emni named Riis is sent as part of an exchange program to his school, Americas University of Enseeos.

Riis is everything Drew is not. He’s polite, he’s thoughtful, he’s honest in a way that’s almost painful, and he’s a six-foot-tall four-horned alien. Riis would basically be an unknown if it weren’t for the fact that he was chosen for this program. As a child born in a war camp during the height of a failed uprising, his life has been anything but privileged.

What starts as a jarring lesson in cultural awareness slowly blossoms into a rich, lush affection. Falling in love across an ancient battlefield is no joke, but they manage to find quite a bit of humor along the way. SQUIRE OF SOL II is a story of what sacrifice really means when it comes to love.

Pip’s Ophidian (SERIES)

Cover art for Pip's Ophidian Book 1: Beatlebug and THE PROVIDER

Book 1: Beatlebug & The Provider

After a spectacular fumble on his first day as a soldier of his homeship The Provider, Pip is inadvertently captured by an Ophidian named Mel, who’s in a desperate pinch and needs something to use as a shield.

Now a human amongst aliens, Pip finds himself reluctantly learning more about his own existence and life than he’s ever wanted to. Warship? Colonialism? Bonds?? What’s a “bond,” anyway? Could that be why he feels so drawn to Mel? Mel, who-while he seems constantly anxious to ensure Pip has everything he needs, also avoids him like the freaking plague?

Book 2: Thought Through Fog


Book 3: A Delicate Revolution


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Pink Milk

A gay midwestern ghost story about lonely people surrounded by love.

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A fat gay self-harmer finds a magic rock that lets her see faeries.

Life gets both better and worse, after.

A serial story released on patreon.

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Absurd Incredible Tragic


A surrealist collection of short stories from the frontlines of addiction.

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Moon Bloom


Prompt: A bio-dome with a flower nursery in a strange, alien place.

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Dead Fae Station


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